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Euro Banknotes

There are seven denominations of euro banknotes: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, and €500. Each denomination has a different size and colour. These banknotes are legal tender throughout the whole euro area.

ECB website dedicated to new Euro banknotes:

The Europa series €100 and €200 banknotes

The Europa Series €50 banknote

The Europa Series €20 banknote

The Europa Series €10 banknote

The Europa Series €5 banknote


purchase GBP 100 Bills near me

Unlike euro coins, banknotes do not have a national side. The designs on the banknotes revolve around the theme “Ages and Styles of Europe”, and depict architectural styles from different periods in European history. Windows and gateways are featured on the front of the banknotes, whereas bridges are shown on the back. The architectural elements shown on the banknotes are all stylised illustrations and do not depict real constructions.

  • Denominations

“The longer the note, the higher the value,” the bank said in September when it introduced the new bills. A uniform width makes it easier to fit the bills into a wallet, and reduces wear and tear.

Advanced machine-readable security features “offer better protection against counterfeiting,” the bank said.

The euro was introduced virtually in 1999, and the first notes and coins began to circulate in 2002. The €100 and €200 notes introduced on Tuesday are the last of the “Europa” series, which started with a new €5 note in 2013, followed by the €10, €20 and €50 in the next three years. The central bank has phased out the €500 bill in an effort to foil cash transactions by money launderers, drug dealers and terrorists.

purchase GBP £100 Bills near me



purchase GBP 100 Bills near me

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purchase GBP 100 Bills near me


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