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  • Buy 100 USD Bills online


     Buy 100 USD Bills online

    Buy 100 USD Bills online | buy counterfeit bills In an operation supported by Europol, the Bulgarian authorities with the collaboration of the U.S. Secret Service have seized EUR 11 million and USD 1.7 million in counterfeit 50, 100 and 500 euro banknotes, as well as 100 and 50 counterfeit US dollars.

    The fake banknotes were found in an illegal print shop concealed in the basement of a hotel in Sunny Beach (Slantchev Briag), a resort on the Black Sea. This is one of the biggest and the most modern counterfeiting print shops dismantled in Europe in recent years. The print shop used a highly sophisticated and modern printing press that produced high-quality banknotes.

    On 20 October 2018, more than 30 addresses across Bulgaria were raided during the operation. As a result, four members of the organised criminal group were detained, including the hotel owner.

    Europol supported the investigation by providing analytical and operational support, including information-exchange and cross-checks against Europol’s databases, and by financing special police measures under the grant for the fight against euro counterfeiting. Europol experts also attended one operational meeting in Bulgaria.

    At this stage of the investigation, and as the printing house is a new factory, Bulgarian authorities have confirmed the likelihood that the counterfeit banknotes are already in circulation, in or outside Bulgaria, is rather minimal.

    Buy 100 USD Bills online


  • Buy 20 USD bills online


    Buy 20 USD bills online

    Buy 20 USD bills online 100x$20 USD bills, Total of $2,000 USD. Since many of the websites are ripping customers badly and here are we, billsdoc providing all of the notes in high quality and in very affordable cost. The widely use USD dollar bills is USD 20 denomination.

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    Buy 20 USD BILLS Online

  • Buy 50 USD BILLS online


    Buy 50 USD BILLS online

    Buy 50 USD BILLS online 40x$50 USD bills, Total of $2,000 USD. Billsdoc is the only leading company in the market that conducts relevant tests and other detections in order to make fake USD bills undetectable and look alike real ones.

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